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More than just a flatbread recipe!

Sometimes you find that perfect cafe. Sometimes you find the perfect dish on that cafe's menu. Sometimes you go there on a weekly basis with one of your best friends and joke that you don't know what you're going to order this time..... "x2 flatbreads with a berry smoothie and a chocolate milkshake.... Extra ice cream, please. Extra aioli, please." Sometimes you meet a boy and fall in love. Sometimes that boy lives on the other side of the globe. Sometimes you move there with him. Sometimes you dream of that flatbread and cry yourself to sleep at night. BUT DON'T BE SAD. Because one day your mum will email you a recipe*. THEN YOU WILL REALISE THAT IT IS A MAGICAL RECIPE. You will test said recipe... and just to make sure you will eat 5 flatbreads in 3 days.  And you will feel bloated. (actually what my kitchen generally looks like) But you will know that it was the right thing to do. For reals, guys, I know thi

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