Thursday, December 9, 2010

Cookies, brownies, cookies and Canadians!

Prepare yoselves for plenty of pics and plenty of sweets! and by sweet I mean cookies and brownies. MORE SPECIFICALLY, I mean choc chip peanut butter cookies, pistachio and white chocolate cookies and chocolate almond brownies! (click the links for recipes)

What do you do when you're expecting a certain Muffin's father to arrive from Canada and his flight is delayed a day? WHY YOU BAKE OF COURSE. . . and bake I did.

I'm usually more prone to baking cakes and such, so I was pretty excited when I realised I could actually whip up an entire batch of cookies in about 6 minutes! They're so simple - too simple my hips may say! These two cookie recipes I used were really great, even if I did adapt them a little.

For the choc chip peanut butter cookies, I halved the recipe as I didn't really feel like having 72 cookies on hand! I also added the peanut butter to it as the recipe was just plain choc chip cookies. Obviously adding the peanut butter added extra fat to the cookie dough and a result was a VERY well-spread-out cookie! Still super delicious with a nice slight crunch.

For the pistachio and white chocolate cookies I only added 1 cup of white chocolate chips and 1 cup of pistachios as opposed to the 1 1/4 called for in the recipes. These babies are super sweet and very very much like the consistency of Subway cookies! I personally think they would be way better with macadamias - but muffin disagrees ;)

The brownies are my go-to recipe from the Kids Cookbook from my childhood. The only difference was this time I added in 3/4 cup chopped almonds for a nice crunch!

choc chip peanut butter cookies

pre-baked choc-chip peanut  butter cookies.. notice the small size?

the size after baking!! holy hell.

piled high!

nom nom nom.

pistachio and white chocolate cookies

is this not the best table you've ever seen?!

what a beautiful plate!

 chocolate almond brownies

the brownies out of the tin - looking like velvet!

sliced to perfection.

sticky inside view of fudgey-wudgy almond brownies!

and last but not least, a delightful photo of me stuffing my face with an oversized cookie I baked. That's right - that's my face! I know you were just dyyyyyyyyying to see it. WELL THERE I AM.

 and what a pleasant face it is..


  1. mmm I lurrve brownies! And the pistachio chocolate cookies look delightful too.
    Its nice to see a photo of ya, even if your stuffing your face with a giant cookie :)


  2. Those are some damn fine looking cookies. I want to make those pistachio/white chocolate ones. The brownies also look so smooth.
    And that cookie is bigger than your head! Amazing!

  3. Hmmm, i want one!!! Looks delicious. (:

  4. Rose, my boyfriend is obsessed with brownies so these are made quite often! also, thanks! :D

    Foodfeud, the pistachio ones were SO sweet but amazing. The giant cookie was crazy big and hard to hold all together!

    Jin, they were amazing!

    Maike, they really were quite delicious if I do say so myself!


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