Monday, December 19, 2011

sunny brekkies.

we have a real vase now ;)

One of many things I realised while traveling was how much I am obsessed with cooking.

It's in my blood. Really. Ask my boyfriend - I seriously annoyed him with how much I talked about baking!

And when suddenly you are spending 3 months without access to a kitchen and your own ingredients - all hell breaks loose! 

Well. I mean, not really, but it was, like, a bit sucky n stuff.

Hence beautifully homemade breakfasts surrounded by sunshine and flowers in Canada now.

Ah, life. I'm so lucky!

iced tea. baked beans. wholegrain toast. zucchini. capsicum. olives. tomato. tofurky italian vegie snossage.

Tis good to be back in the kitchen. Many recipes to come :D

Monday, November 28, 2011

Your favourite blogger is back.. and hungry!

Oh haiiiiii there! Fancy seeing you guys here! 

Welcome back to my home, which for now is Calgary, Canada! We made the big move from Australia to Canada, (again) safe and sound.

a bug in Canadian snow.
Since July 31st I've been on the craziest, most amazing, whirl wind, mind blasting, life changing 3 month long trip. We did Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, England and Wales. I am slightly overwhelmed( 3839 photos kind of overwhelmed) as to where to even BEGIN telling you all! 

So the plan is this.. split it into 4 HEALTHY SIZED posts, separated by country, expressing my utmost joy and enviable experiences for you all to see :p Who am I kidding though, my travel stories are likely to pop up in every post from now on. You'll want to stick around for them though, because I tasted some incredibly delicious things on my travels :D

I really can't wait to start planning and saving to do it all again! We're thinking Africa next :D

So.. come on, out with it, did ya miss me?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Travel post #1: Thailand and Vietnam food finds!

xin chào from Vietnam!

So I guess I couldn't stay away long! Just a quick post to show you what I've been eating for the past 10 days.

Armed with an open mind, a phrase book, a 'veggie passport' app and a big smile, I haven't encountered too many problems at all finding vegie food in Asia! Everyone has been more than happy to accommodate me in both Thailand and Vietnam. (Especially in Bangkok.)

 My very first meal... Mmmm they forgot to bring a vegie meal for me!

 A sideways view of the best red curry I have ever had in my life in Bangkok!
 Miscellaneous grilled animal goods in Bangkok.

 Hot and sour tofu soup in Bangkok.

 INSANE pad thai stalls everywhere along Khao San Rd, Bangkok. Just point and tell them what you want. For less than $1!

 The best meal I've had so far, in Bangkok. Spicy coconut sauce with vegetable and tofu. I am loving all of the pickled chillies and condiments on the tables over here :D

 A favourite go-to meal. Stir fried morning glory with chilli and garlic in Bangkok! 

 Fast forward to Vietnam - Da Lat to be specific. Found THIS little gem of a restaurant last night. 
ALL VEGIE! Me + bun + new silk scarf bought straight from the maker.

Tofu with mushrooms in pepper sauce, spring rolls, chrysanthemum tea, pak choy with mushrooms and fried rice. (last 2 not pictured)

 DELICIOUS fresh fruit available everywhere in Vietnam.

 For a bit of a Western fix, nori flavoured chips!

 This was actually my first meal in Ho Chi Minh.. a plate of rice, and a side of lettuce, mint and coriander. I spiced it up with some chillies, soy sauce, pickled garlic and love. To be fair.. it was only 25c!

 Vietnamese iced coffee - the best I've ever tasted.

 After a 7 hour bus trip and not having eaten all day long, we managed to find vegie pizzas in Da Lat! Pineapple, mushroom, capsicum, onion and cheese. Just what I wanted!

 The spread of breakfast included in our room deal at the Thien An Hotel in Da Lat. AMAZING. This alone is worth getting out of bed for! 
Fresh baguettes (they're so good here), avocado, tomato, cheese, banana, pineapple, dragon fruit, watermelon, passionfruit, peanut butter, VEGEMITE - YES!, marmite, strawberry jam, yoghurt, tea, coffee and passionfruit juice! OH MY GOODNESS.

and last but obviously not least, this amazing beauty we went to see yesterday. 

*Most of the vegetarian food we found in Bangkok was surrounding Soi Rongmai, Chao Fa Rd, Phanakhon. Or anywhere near Khao San Rd really. We were lucky to have two vegetarian street stalls right opposite our hotel. Pure bliss! 

*I've been using Trip Advisor and Happy Cow to find me specific restaurants if I'm not in the mood for altering a dish in a meaty restaurant.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions of places to go/foods for me to try in South East Asia or Nepal?

Monday, July 25, 2011

A life snippet and a Bon Voyage!

My final installment of food snippets whilst in Adelaide:

Soooo this Sunday we leave for a 5 month trip of a lifetime!

Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Europe (in general!) NYC, then moving to Canada for a year (or two or more or who knows, so don’t ask me!) :D

So this blog will do one of two things.. 
a) slow down a little while I enjoy my actual LIFE and can’t be bothered with this cyber world
b) feel bad and put some posts up for my family and friends
c) continue on it's merry way because I will miss it
a&b&c) a slittle of all

Once moved to Canada this blog will change from “in the sunshine” to “in the snow” and will feature more scarves, boots, beanies, poutine and burgers than ever before! I tried to refrain last time I was over there but it was just too too hard for my weary chipsngravy loving soul!

So. Thus. Finally. To conclude. In conclusion.
Bon voyage! Wish me good times, new food experiences and I’ll see ya soon! Don’t you go anywhere now, ya hear?!

Much love,
your vegie bug.

tomatoey lentil pasta.

roast goodies.

nom nom roast vegies.

pickle burger!

cookies before.

cookies after!

tandoori vegies.

3 best spreads ever.

spicy pumpkin soup.

tea with my favourite cookies!

piggy just had to go!

GIANT tin of beans! wee!

hash, beans, eggs, sauce.

burger station with mah brosef.


DELICIOUS mushroom burger.

pesto pea pasta!

pie pie pie.

my going away cake at work! A SWIMMING POOL! EEEEE!


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vego & Loven It - an Adelaide institution.

Date day!

Adelaide is full of cute, quirky, little cafe's - the thing is that you just have to know where to find them! 

Vego & Loven It; "Vego's" to the locals, is one of those very places. Although being placed on one of the busiest streets in Adelaide - it is hidden away up a tiny staircase. The only sign of life up there (which to be honest is pretty hard to read anyway) is a cracked mosaic sign!

But once you find this place... once you try it's delectable goods... you are a lover for LIFE! For life, I tells ya. The decor inside this tiny cafe is a mash up of kitsch, old hollywood, hippie, hoarded cluttered goodness! This little gem is one of the things I'll miss the most when I leave Adelaide.

I can never go past their vegie burgers, but they sell salads and soups as well, which look equally as amazing. A full burger costs $11 (possibly $12?) or you can order a half size for $7.5. 


A warning to you: don't eat at all before heading there (or expect to be able to function afterwards!) - these burgers are MASSIVE and will fill you up for the rest of your day. Amazing value and so so delicious. I'm pretty certain all burgers are also vegan - but I've never asked. They make everything in house and all ingredients are always fresh.

This time around I ordered the Curry N Lovin It burger and Muffin ordered the Mexican Burger (he loves/misses his Canadian nacho fix).

His is a soft vegie pattie, tomato, lettuce (and I'm not sure what else) on a dark rye bun, covered - AND I MEAN COVERED in a "cheese sauce" and then swirls of chilli sauce, served with a jymungo side of corn chips.

Mine is a more solid chickpea pattie, cucumber, carrot, avocado, tomato, sprouts, lettuce, brinjal pickle and mango chutney served on a dark rye bun. It is spicy and delicious, the contrast of the pickle and the chutney make me wanna just eat more and more and more!

cross section!

We manage to finished them (well Muffin left a bit of bread! Shock horror!) and then we stumbled to a park bench in the sunshine to digest and discuss the nap we would have when we got home! Hahaha.

Adelaide - I love you <3
Vego's - you're partly the reason why!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Damn straight I made sushi..

Sushi seems to be my go-to cheap lunch for work days. Orrr non-work days really. hehehe.

Truth is, I used to hate sushi. I actually had a gag reflex whenever I tried it. BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT! 

Now, somehow, I love it, am possibly obsessed with it and spend too much money on it. Thus, came my desire to make my own! :D

I watched lotsa youtube movies and read many recipes to come up with my own. It really is super easy and the options of fillings are endless. I opted for easy cucumber, avocado, capsicum this time; but tempura pumpkin is my favourite! Check out this blog post for sweet ideas!

Here goes: 

500mL sushi rice* (2 cups)
600mL water

75mL rice vinegar
10mL sugar
5mL salt

nori sheets
vegies for the filling, thinly sliced

soy sauce

sushi mat

sushi buddy


Rinse rice in a colander for a good five minutes until the water running off is entirely clear. Leave to drain for 1 hour.

In a heavy saucepan, place measured water and rice and bring to a boil.

Once boiled, turn down to lowest setting, place the lid on top and set the timer for 15 minutes.

After 15 minutes, turn off the heat but DO NOT OPEN THE LID! Let the rice steam for another 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, mix together your vinegar, sugar and salt and microwave for 30 seconds until all dissolved.

Now grab a big bowl (wooded is best, but I used glass), dump the rice in and spread it out with a wooden spoon/sushi paddle and get your sushi buddy ready with a fan (we used a placemat)! Carefully spoon the vinegar mixture all over the rice as your sushi buddy fans and you cut and move the rice around - being careful not to break up the grains or damage any of your hard work!

Continue to fan/move rice until it reaches room temperature - about 5 minutes (depending on how good your sushi-buddy's fanning skills are).


(mmmm.. don't put this much filling!)

et voila!

Roughly divide your rice into four parts - this will make 4 large sushi rolls.

Get your nori sheet and lay it shiny side down on your sushi mat. Using wet hands place 1/4 of the rice on your sheet and spread it out evenly, pressing it down hard and leaving 5cms at the top for rolling/sealing. 

Rub a tiny squeeze of wasabi across the middle of the rice for extra joy. Layer your vegies in the centre of the rice. 

Wet the opposite end of the nori a little to help it to stick to the roll. Using the sushi mat, roll the nori over the filling and pull back to form a tight circle. Proceed to roll the nori all the way to the end and squeeze to seal. 

Make sense?!

Invite all of your friends over for a sushi party and as you place your sushi platter on the table scream "I MADE THIS, GUYS, I MADE THIS!" ; )

*The only thing I would change for next time would be to buy real Japanese brand sushi rice, as mine was expensive for how much I actually got in the end.

Also, mine tasted more like authentic sushi after a few hours in the fridge - the nori was still quite dry and crispy before that allowed time. 


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