Monday, July 25, 2011

A life snippet and a Bon Voyage!

My final installment of food snippets whilst in Adelaide:

Soooo this Sunday we leave for a 5 month trip of a lifetime!

Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Nepal, Europe (in general!) NYC, then moving to Canada for a year (or two or more or who knows, so don’t ask me!) :D

So this blog will do one of two things.. 
a) slow down a little while I enjoy my actual LIFE and can’t be bothered with this cyber world
b) feel bad and put some posts up for my family and friends
c) continue on it's merry way because I will miss it
a&b&c) a slittle of all

Once moved to Canada this blog will change from “in the sunshine” to “in the snow” and will feature more scarves, boots, beanies, poutine and burgers than ever before! I tried to refrain last time I was over there but it was just too too hard for my weary chipsngravy loving soul!

So. Thus. Finally. To conclude. In conclusion.
Bon voyage! Wish me good times, new food experiences and I’ll see ya soon! Don’t you go anywhere now, ya hear?!

Much love,
your vegie bug.

tomatoey lentil pasta.

roast goodies.

nom nom roast vegies.

pickle burger!

cookies before.

cookies after!

tandoori vegies.

3 best spreads ever.

spicy pumpkin soup.

tea with my favourite cookies!

piggy just had to go!

GIANT tin of beans! wee!

hash, beans, eggs, sauce.

burger station with mah brosef.


DELICIOUS mushroom burger.

pesto pea pasta!

pie pie pie.

my going away cake at work! A SWIMMING POOL! EEEEE!



  1. Wow, best wishes for your travels!

  2. :(

  3. I sooooooooo love the pool cake with panda! hehehe Is that a chocolate cake? or a cupcake? I love your life gurl! hehehe


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