Monday, November 28, 2011

Your favourite blogger is back.. and hungry!

Oh haiiiiii there! Fancy seeing you guys here! 

Welcome back to my home, which for now is Calgary, Canada! We made the big move from Australia to Canada, (again) safe and sound.

a bug in Canadian snow.
Since July 31st I've been on the craziest, most amazing, whirl wind, mind blasting, life changing 3 month long trip. We did Thailand, Vietnam, Nepal, England and Wales. I am slightly overwhelmed( 3839 photos kind of overwhelmed) as to where to even BEGIN telling you all! 

So the plan is this.. split it into 4 HEALTHY SIZED posts, separated by country, expressing my utmost joy and enviable experiences for you all to see :p Who am I kidding though, my travel stories are likely to pop up in every post from now on. You'll want to stick around for them though, because I tasted some incredibly delicious things on my travels :D

I really can't wait to start planning and saving to do it all again! We're thinking Africa next :D

So.. come on, out with it, did ya miss me?

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