Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vego & Loven It - an Adelaide institution.

Date day!

Adelaide is full of cute, quirky, little cafe's - the thing is that you just have to know where to find them! 

Vego & Loven It; "Vego's" to the locals, is one of those very places. Although being placed on one of the busiest streets in Adelaide - it is hidden away up a tiny staircase. The only sign of life up there (which to be honest is pretty hard to read anyway) is a cracked mosaic sign!

But once you find this place... once you try it's delectable goods... you are a lover for LIFE! For life, I tells ya. The decor inside this tiny cafe is a mash up of kitsch, old hollywood, hippie, hoarded cluttered goodness! This little gem is one of the things I'll miss the most when I leave Adelaide.

I can never go past their vegie burgers, but they sell salads and soups as well, which look equally as amazing. A full burger costs $11 (possibly $12?) or you can order a half size for $7.5. 


A warning to you: don't eat at all before heading there (or expect to be able to function afterwards!) - these burgers are MASSIVE and will fill you up for the rest of your day. Amazing value and so so delicious. I'm pretty certain all burgers are also vegan - but I've never asked. They make everything in house and all ingredients are always fresh.

This time around I ordered the Curry N Lovin It burger and Muffin ordered the Mexican Burger (he loves/misses his Canadian nacho fix).

His is a soft vegie pattie, tomato, lettuce (and I'm not sure what else) on a dark rye bun, covered - AND I MEAN COVERED in a "cheese sauce" and then swirls of chilli sauce, served with a jymungo side of corn chips.

Mine is a more solid chickpea pattie, cucumber, carrot, avocado, tomato, sprouts, lettuce, brinjal pickle and mango chutney served on a dark rye bun. It is spicy and delicious, the contrast of the pickle and the chutney make me wanna just eat more and more and more!

cross section!

We manage to finished them (well Muffin left a bit of bread! Shock horror!) and then we stumbled to a park bench in the sunshine to digest and discuss the nap we would have when we got home! Hahaha.

Adelaide - I love you <3
Vego's - you're partly the reason why!


  1. I loove that place. Its been to long since ive had one of their burgers, mostly because the last two times we went they were closed, so i got put off and then discovered Zen House not far away :) Although its awesome inside we get take away because im not good with inclosed spots like that. I love how its so well hidden to everyone else except for those who know its there. Craving a burger bad now...


  2. oh wow, Vegos is definitely my favourite lunch spot in Adelaide! (though a visit to Thea's certainly doesn't go amiss!)
    I wish they hadn't taken Cold Rock away though :( ah well, now we'll just have to gorge ourselves on Chocolate Bean goodness or sneaky lunch-break beers at the Ex!

  3. When you come for your visit in Prospect I'll take you to Cafe Komodo.. that place def needs a Jade review!! We can eat tofu burgers and tap our feet to the funky music! Ruby x x x x x

  4. Rose, they have super weird opening times! But I still love them. and ZEN HOUSE - ohmygoodness, I went there one day from uni and ate about 25 dumplings!

    Leslie - actually the best veggie burgers you will ever have :D

    Nancy, you're just an Adelaide encyclopedia, aren't ya?! I heartily love chocolate beans cheap massive cups of chai <3

    Ruby, my lovely, we have to do this before I leave! I remember seeing photos of that place and it looks divine! i miss you :D


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