Monday, December 19, 2011

sunny brekkies.

we have a real vase now ;)

One of many things I realised while traveling was how much I am obsessed with cooking.

It's in my blood. Really. Ask my boyfriend - I seriously annoyed him with how much I talked about baking!

And when suddenly you are spending 3 months without access to a kitchen and your own ingredients - all hell breaks loose! 

Well. I mean, not really, but it was, like, a bit sucky n stuff.

Hence beautifully homemade breakfasts surrounded by sunshine and flowers in Canada now.

Ah, life. I'm so lucky!

iced tea. baked beans. wholegrain toast. zucchini. capsicum. olives. tomato. tofurky italian vegie snossage.

Tis good to be back in the kitchen. Many recipes to come :D

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