Saturday, February 12, 2011

love me do beetroot cake!

Baking really does make my day.

I feel like somewhat of a housewife... but I really do love to get into mah polka dot playsuit, don an apron and get my bake on! 
less this.

more this!

And that's just what I did today! Muffin and I are celebrating our 3 year anniversary on Thursday so I guess this is more so for that than for Valentines Day.

Or to be honest, more so just for the sake of baking than anything else; as it's what I love!

This was my very first serious go at piping my icing and I sure as hell did enjoy it. My dream would be to be a pastry chef! I just love it. I can't explain it.. but every thing cakey and cute is right up my alley :D

(with that said.. theres only so many cute-cupcake-themed things you can receive for birthday - yaknowwhatimean?!)

This cake I have baked before with both success and failure. I think today was a success.. but I haven't eaten it yet - it just looks pretty! (I always end up cooking it for about twice the amount of time the recipe says however..)

I watched many videos and found them super helpful for my icing-confidence-building.

I went with this icing recipe and it worked perfectly for piping. I still had some left over at the end too! I added beet juice as dye and a little red food colouring for the writing at the end.

Anywho. Bliss. What a day. Enjoy your Valentines, peeps!


  1. Adorable cake! And so similar to mine! Except I didn't make mine myself....but I did pick the colors of pink frosting with red icing. We're on the same VDay wavelength.....

  2. I know! this was crazy weird when I saw yours! I think valentines always calls for a pink cake :D


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