Tuesday, May 8, 2012

australian adventure!

Dearest lovelies,

I'm off gallivanting in Australia this week! 
My sister's wedding on Saturday was absolutely stunning and full of delicious home cooked food.
I now have a brother in law!

hooooooly cake!

I shall now spend the rest of the week eating my way around Adelaide.
I look forward to landing back in Calgary and rolling my fat heiny off the plane!

Sit tight, more recipes coming soon.

this is my home.. aint she a beaut!?


  1. ooo welcome back home!!! I'm thinking about going to Calgary in September!

  2. beautiful photos - and I think the ONLY one of the cake-of-many-calories! lol xx

  3. Nice photos. Makes me wanna walk down a jetty.

  4. Haha, holy cake is going to be my new fave slogan! :)

  5. Carla, thanks lovely! What are your Calgary plans?!

    Mumma, I took at LEAST 3 photos!

    Joel, thanks chum, a compliment coming from you ;)

    La Lola, I think I add the word holy in front of anything and it makes it hilarious! hahaha :D


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