Friday, January 14, 2011

Well, vegetarian food of course?!

My goodness, I've been gone a while.


New years resolution: keep my posts short sharp and shiny! More pictures, less words yo.

Where have I been you ask? You've missed me so much? you cried a little when you realised just how long it's been? 

I've been off gallivanting in Sydney, Melbourne and the Great Ocean Rd with my Muffin's Canadian famjam for the past ever!

Did I get spoilt and receive a freaking MACBOOK for christmas? WELL YES I DID.

My carb-free livin was going relatively well... until.. well.. here's some little tidbits of my recent times and recent foods:

before holiday... note healthiness?!

lapping up the sun at Manly Beach.

lookie what I found! 

I fell entirely in love with Grigons & Orr in Melbourne.

how could I not?! I was like a kid in a candy store.


Sydney was a bit hit and miss with good food. THIS was the best gnocchi of my life. And I love gnocchi. It was at The Rocks Cafe. 

note the healthiness beginning? Best chips in Victor Harbor!

attempting to create a veggie main meal in posh places..

essentially the greatest picnic set ever. 
I've heard on the grapevine that I throw at EXCELLENT PICNIC!

seasonal garden pasta dyed pink with beets!

nachos in a cake tin ala bug.

christmas lunch #1.

christmas lunch #2 (different day - different house.... stop judging me).

BEST. BEST. BEST. another tea infuser. and BEST new tea cup! Perfection.

 the kind of meal that makes you drool when you think about it 2 weeks later. Vegie lasagna with fresh salad and dressing. 

ahhhhh maaaan I could eat about 76 more of these bowls.

 making a few new friends.

The most Australian dessert ever. Lamingtons, fruchocs and tim tams. Heart Attack.

Delicous breakfast field mushroom noms at ETC. 

and what a way to end. We woke up to this guy standing this close to our room along the Great Ocean Road.

I squeeled with delight.

Who doesn't love a llama?!

love and blueberries to ye all!


  1. zomg! amazing post! so glad you had such amazing start to the year!! xx

  2. nawwww well thanks! Shucks! It's been pretty dang good so far :D hope you can say the same!

  3. ooooo so much good food!!!
    I dont think I could do the no carb thing, its so difficult for veggos dont you think?
    What an awesome place you found in Melbourne, the pink and white tea cozy is too cute! And the gnocchi looks amazing.
    There is an awesome chip place down from Victor at Goolwa too. Its always our first dinner when we stay down at Middleton.


  4. I made nachos in a cake pan the other week - I felt like such a bogan lol but now I feel better :P

  5. thanks, lovely! The no carb thing is super hard to begin with - but then you just kinda get in the swing of it!
    The Melbourne cafe really captured my heart. I LOVE good chips from a good chip shop :D

  6. Em, hahaha! i know! i was looking in the cupboard thinking... "SURELY i have something other than a cake tin!" ah well, it just works so well :D

  7. Lovely blog, I'm inspired :)
    Come see to mine with Polish vegetarian meals.


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