Thursday, August 26, 2010

A delicious food week!

This week we had a family dinner at my mumma's. She, like most mums, is an amazing cook.

She made lasagna - both meat and vegie to accommodate everyone, and we ate it with a nice garden salad and AMAZING olive sour dough bread from the Semaphore Bakery. SO GOOD.

For dessert we had individual carrot cakes, tiramisu and donuts... well, i mean... ya know, we shared it all n stuff. Muffin and I definitely rolled into bed that night and I fell into a deep food-coma like sleep. Whereas he couldn't sleep at all due to feeling too round! HAHA.

Last night muffin and I had vegie burgers with rocket pesto, mushroom 'pate', tomato, alfalfa and pickles! Very simple. My favourite veggie patties to buy are definitely the cracked wheat rissoles from Foodland. I've eaten them since I was a little kid and at $1.80 each they are a bargain! They're not too strongly flavoured, but you can see peas in them which I assume means they're healthy. Amirite, amirite?! I hope so.

For brekky one day this week I had THIS.... 

actually i lie, i had less than half of this. What was I thinking?! It was a day after mums giant meal and I think I stayed full for about 16 hours! It was baked beans, tofu scramble, a million vegetables, grilled tomato and vegetarian sausages. Anywho, what I did eat of it was tasty. See that toast there? Avocado and sweet chilli sauce! The best thing ever! I'm onto something with that winner.

And to finish off this lovely post... lookie what Muffin got me!!!!! Man oh man, its a submarine tea infuser. THIS IS LOVE.


  1. Yep, that's the cutest tea infuser I've ever seen! :) And gosh, I wish I could've stolen the rest of that amazing breakfast that you didn't want... ;)

  2. I know, right?! It's pretty tiny so it takes some patience and a tiny spoon to even get tea leaves in it - but i feel like it's worth the patience!
    That breakfast was EASILY for 2 people!


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