Thursday, August 5, 2010

books, blenders, meals, colds and cookies!

Today is a day of new things! Our power was shut off from 8am-3pm today so I tried my best to stay in bed until at LEAST 1pm.. alas, the plan didn't work. It was nice to be woken up by the postie bringing me my copy of Veganomicon though! I accidentally ordered this on Amazon when I was trying to figure out how much postage would be! A pleasant accident. I stayed in bed all warm flipping through the pages and making mental notes of what I will cook first. Where do I even begin?!

My brother moved out a few weeks ago and took his blender with him. I know, the shock, the horror. I have been smoothie-less since! Today I went and bought a blender. It it glass and super lovely and brand new and shiny and will make me full of smoothies again! Woop woop.

Muffin made me dinner the other night (this is a rare occasion) and it was delish! A miso soup base with carrots, mushrooms, tofu and quinoa. Very tasty indeed.

This food week isn't the most inspired.. dont say you weren't warned. I have a cold now and am trying my best to be inspired but all i want to do is be warm and not spend time writing recipes!

One night we had spuds. I LOVE A GOOD SPUD. I love baking spuds in the oven and then looking whats in the fridge and throwing it all on top. It's even better when it tastes good (!) I fried mushrooms with zucchini, onion and garlic and made a spicy yoghurt to go on top, in place of sour cream. I flavoured it with cumin, chilli, coriander, garlic, lemon and salt+pepper and we ate it with a nice salad.

Another night we had a simple stirfry and muffin plated up.. notice a chef difference?!

Right now I am eating freshly baked cookies from the freezer from this recipe.

and soon I will eat a vegetarian snossage in bread with sauce and curl up along side the heater/tissue box. LOVELY!

Also, i'm reading Cravatalicious! I highly disliked watching Matt Preston on Masterchef. Mostly because I don't like watching people eat but also because he always made creepy faces and creepy eye movements that made me feel uneasy. WITH THAT SAID, his book is actually hilarious and I have a new found respect for him as a food journalist.


  1. Yay on the new cookbook! There is nothing better than getting a parcel from the postie!!! I'm waiting on some right now!
    Randomly (I'm not associated with them, just love them!), did you know that The Book Depository have FREE delivery (and I have also found that their books are about half the price of books in Melbourne bookshops!!!!)

  2. I know! I love waiting for something from the postie! Thats crazy about The Book Depository! I'm in Adelaide and ordering the book online + delivery was STILL cheaper than buying it in borders. What the? Exciting cookbook times ahead :D


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