Wednesday, March 2, 2011

cappuccino choc-chip cookies and more noms.

Working too much.
Working too hard.
In transit every hour of every day (almost).
No time for grocery shopping.
No time for cooking.
Saving for the Greatest European Adventure ever adventured.

Thus, recent food photos are not the most exciting foods ever eaten.


everyday brekky! baked beans (beans of the gods) with fried vegies and a glass o juice.

Mmm - sauceless pasta. Best with home-grown ingredimots.

So colourful!

lame-ass cheese and home-grown tomatoes on tortilla thing-o.

choc chip coffee cookies!

The cookies are a Joy The Baker recipe (click for recipe!). I luff her blog. It makes me chuckle.

Do my cookies look like hers? NO! They don't.

Mine are all skinny on the edges and I dislike that.

Dear baker friends, what do I need to do to get a cookie the same width the whole way through?

Things I need to create the perfect cookie:

  • mini ice cream scoop
  • perfect large flat cookie tray (no ridges)
  • endless supply of choc chips
  • egg replacer that works (this is how my mind works: egg=ew)
  • floral apron (not imperative)
  • all the time in the world

Have a lovely day, my lovelies.


  1. That breakfast looks awesome! Gotta love beans! Have you tried beans on mashed potato for dinner? mmmm
    The pasta looks good too, they always say the more colourful, the more healthy :)


  2. Dunno how I've never seen your blog, but I love it!!!!

  3. Thanks, Rose - bean brekkies always set me up for a good day! I'm loving them lately! Although, I've never tried them on mash before - sounds delish!

    Leslie, why thank you! :D I love yours too!


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