Friday, March 25, 2011

Rainbow birthday cake - ie best birthday, cake +picnic ever.

It was my birthday a little while ago and all I asked of Muffin was to bake me the greatest cake in the world. 

Now.. he is a trained chef, so it wasn't too much to ask, but this was quite seriously the first cake he had EVER baked at home..  (Which I personally find hilarious!) He even photographed the whole process so I could blog about it! Naww! This one's a keeper.

So, did he fulfil his task? .... well you take a look and judge for yourself! 
(ps, the answer is hell yeah)

Muffins cake-a-makin space.

Rainbows coming into action.

Holy colour - fresh outta the oven. (blue caused him issues!)

He chose to do a tiered cake because he is a maniac and likes a challenge. He also chose to individually flavour most layers, red was berry, orange was orange (duh!), yellow was lemon and green was lime. 
and each layer worked well on it's own and with the others!

WHAT WHAT! a girl cant slip in a photo of the picnic sammidge she made?! hahahaha.

ooohhhhh - ahhhhh.

to be honest, the bread I chose wasn't crusty enough and this went soggy. 
Soggy-town = not ok in my books. 
Cake = quite ok in my books.

Cake decorating time and the anticipation was killin me!

 My family came together to create the best picnic ever for me :D
On the menu was mah picnic sammidge, pasta salad, roast vegetables, cheeses, dips, sour dough bread, coleslaw, stuffed mushrooms, inari, honey joys, chocolate crackles, muffins and sooo much mooorreee! Actually amazing.


I love this photo. That's my Muffin and me! <3

Lookie here! everyone literally gasped when I cut into it and my young, tiny relative yelled "HOW'D YOU GET A RAINBOW IN THERE?!" awwwww.

Filled with love and more love (and a rainbow).

I was clearly a little excited!

The end to a lovely picnic, a lovely birthday and a lovely cake.

Peace out alfalfa sprouts!


  1. OMG! Tell your Muffin I want one of those fabulous rainbow cakes for my bday too!! I've never seen a cake so beautiful! And happy, happy birthday!

  2. That birthday celebration looks absolutely wonderful!!

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  4. That is a seriously awesome cake!

  5. Wow you're birthday cake looks AMAZING! Looks like you had a wonderful day :)

  6. Bianca - I will fly him over just to bake for you for your birthday! it would seriously be worth it! :D

    Leslie - it really was just perfect! It made me feel so loved and special!

    Jessica - It was more than I'd ever imagined he would do for me! Honestly the best cake I have ever seen AND eaten!

    Karla - first of all, I love your blog! Why have I never read it before?! The cake was the best and the day was too :D

    ps... does anyone know if this petitchef thing is spam? looks a little dodgy to me!

  7. How wonderful!!!! Your rainbow cake is so beautiful, and all those flavors together sound perfect!!

    Your sammy also looks amazingly delicious!! What a fun picnic!! :)

  8. WOW so pretty. So glad I stumbled across your blog, my sisetr will love it. X

  9. Sheila, the cake really was delicious - I thought the flavours may have been overwhelming, but they were just perfect!

    are you dressing up or dressing down, funnily enough MY sister will love YOUR blog! Happy you stumbled across mine :D

  10. Belated Birthday wishes Vegiebug.
    Its one you will remember forever I think. Your Muffin truly has made an awesome cake that turned out superb!

    I have a question, I have tried to make a version in the past and the food colourings I use just don't seem to work, ending up a real mess or making the cake taste horrie. May I ask What brand of food colouring did you use?

    Many thanks.

  11. Thank youuuu! It really was a birthday to remember forever :D

    I had wondered if the food colouring would effect the taste of the cake too - but it didn't at all. He used Queen single colours brand, it's Australian so i'm not sure if it's available everywhere. Goodluck!


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