Monday, January 9, 2012

Burger Inn; aka the best burger in cow town.

"Cause we be chillin at the burrrgerrr innnnnn", is generally what I sing on the way to get a burger. Muffin doesn't really enjoy it, but I know he'd miss it if I didn't do it. So for the grace of the world, I continue.

Burger inn specialises in pretty out of the ordinary meat patties, like emu, elk, ostrich, buffalo, boar, salmon... So it is obviously somewhere that draws a vegetarian in! Amiright?! 

The thing is, Muffin is emotionally attached to this place, he's been going since high school.

BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, they serve ... I'm gonna say it.. are ya ready? ok....


I know, that's weird isn't it? You wouldn't expect it, but it's truuuueeeee.

So you walk in, you're gonna see a man behind the counter who looks a little grumpy, and then he's gonna ask you a series of questions in his own little blunt manner.. and THEN you're gonna realise that he's really just like a big teddy and actually very nice and polite!

What can I get ya?
Brown or white?
With fries?
Want a drink?
That'll be $___

This place is super cheap, the decor is plain, the seats not the most comfy, BUT ketchup, salt, pepper and vinegar are all free! Coming from Australia, the land of 'lets charge 50c for 1 portion of tomato sauce' .. I love this!

The patty comes out a little charred and is served on a brown bun, loaded (meaning with tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles), with mustard and ketchup and mayo.

If you order fries on the side, be prepared.

In fact, be pre-prepared and don't eat at all before going there. Because your serving of fries is gonna be.... massive. Like. Massive.

If you decide to order poutine (which you always should), eat it all REALLY REALLY fast before your stomach realises this is just way too much to fit in 1 belly.

This burger is beyond delicious. I can barely even tell what it's made of, but its compact enough that I can tell it's not lentils or beans, more likely wheat gluten with added herbs and extra deliciousness. The char is what makes it. It has a dense crispness, with a moist (I'm sorry, I hate that word too) interior.

Basically, this baby is THE BOMB FOOLS.

Stop reading poste haste and hall your patootie to burger inn! (and sing the song!)

Burger Inn - Macleod Trail S on Urbanspoon


  1. A very interesting burgerlicious burger! Do they REALLY have Emu burgers? Even we dont have emu burgers! I like the look of the place and like it even more knowing its the place Aaron went to while in high school!

  2. OMG look at the size of that poutine! A meal in itself.

  3. Yes, they reeeally have emu burgers!

    The poutine is HUMUNGOUS to say the least! hahaha but soooo good.


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