Sunday, January 8, 2012

Fried morning glory.

Ever since traveling Asia I have become obsessed with greens of the Asian persuasion.


my first fried morning glory in Thailand.

I tells ya what, once you have perfected these puppies, you'll be making them every day.

They're so easy.
They're so cost efficient (thats a polite way of saying cheap) ; )
They're so delicious.
They're so nutritionally amaze balls.
They're pretty much the bees knees.

All over Thighland and Vietnam I saw this elusive thing called 'fried morning glory' on the menus, once I tried it, I was hooked.

see it? (there's also a lady boy in the mix there!) :D

After researching recipes I realised that I possibly unknowingly consumed a lot of oyster sauce in this dish while traveling :S I now obviously make it without this and it tastes just as good. I also don't use the salted beans because I like just soy sauce better.

more morning glory in Thailand.

The key to this dish is speed. Prepare everything ahead of time and get your wok/frying pan smoking hot.

Use the back of your knife to crush both the garlic and chilis, you can also slice them in halves if you prefer. They are basically there to flavour the dish, you don't necessarily have to eat them.

(like so)

I do, because I am a garlic LOVER.

Fried morning glory.

1 bunch morning glory, stems and leaves separated (or any other similar asian green)

4 garlic cloves, just crushed
birds eye chilis, just crushed (I use 2 or 3)
2 T soy sauce
1 T oil
1 T water
1 t sugar

few drops sesame oil

Mix all ingredients except morning glory in a bowl and set aside.

Once your pan is super hot, throw in the stems and pour sauce over the top.

Continue moving and tossing vegetables around and after about a minute, add in the leaves.

Add extra water if the mix seems too dry.

Stir fry for one extra minute and you're done, remove from pan and serve immediately.

Top with sesame oil if you're obsessed with it like eye yam!

 I secretly threw in some snap peas and black bean paste in this one!

 serve with simple noodles, chilli and crispy shallots.

alternatively serve with rice, crispy baked tofu and pickled ginger. YUM! 

AWW, GREAT! Now I'm hungry!

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