Thursday, February 16, 2012

A breakfast monster.


You gotta eat it. 
Some people don't. 
Those people are IDIOTS. (personal opinion of course)

When I wake up, my mind says ones thing:

"GOOD MORNING, SUNSHINE! You've been not eating for 8 hours - GET ON THAT SHIT." 
Although, my mind is not usually that angry towards me.

For me, breakfast is the most fun meal of the day and I usually feel pretty excited to eat it!

I usually start the day with a glass of water and a big green t. 
Green t is where it's at - I am a firm believer in the goodness of green t - it makes me feel amazing!

Sometimes (usually on weekends) I'll do a big fry up as an ode to my British roots :p  Tomatoes grilled with thyme and olive oil, mushrooms fried in rosemary, grainy toast with hummus and baked beans. 
Nobody will ever understand my love of beans.

Very rarely I'll go a plate of french toast, this one was coated in crushed cereal for a crunch!

Sometimes... (actually just once) because I'm a pretty crazed gal, I'll have a big bowl of mac and cheese and half an avocado! But it's healthy because I wash it down with a glass of water..

An even healthier option is that of a coffee and a massive vanilla coconut cupcake - don't worry, this one took me 2 attempts to finish. 

An ode to my Australian bean love, goodness I miss them!

 Sometimes I'll pull out a miniature frying pan and get a little egg on vegie action going. 

Lately I have been ALL about the bagels. On the side is vegies, egg and sriracha! 

Sometimes I'll make the most colourful breakfast possible. 

Sometimes I top a bagel with ricotta cheese that I've spiced up with herbs and delicious goods (76382x healthier than cream chz) then I top it with mushroom and avocado and tomato and then I EAT IT!

Sometimes it ends up just a tad too big (that's what she said) and thus out of focus!  

Sometimes I am too hungry whilst cooking and think I can eat far more than I actually can. 

Sometimes I make smoovies
Actually, all the time I make smoovies. 

Sometimes I eat my home made cinnamon muesli with berries and dried fruit and yoghurt and grapes and almond milk!

What about choo? What's your favourite thing for breakfast? 

Are you as crazy about it as I am?!


  1. ooooo I miss our breakfasts together with toasted rye bread, roasted veg, melted cheese, chili and lettuces plus - yum - not the same without you jadeybug! xx

  2. yum yum yum yum yum!!!! ARGH! YUM!

  3. Very healthy breakfast! Drooling at this very moment. Nice post you got there, mate! :)


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