Thursday, May 20, 2010

Exploding food.

A question... Is there any particular reason agar agar or vegan margerine should explode in a microwave?!

and by explode - i really mean explode. Like. Loud bang that really scares you and you think you've broken the microwave kind of explode!

I was only softening some agar agar with marg to make some icing and it went BBBAAANNGGGGG!

- so i did it on the stove instead. I guess the original way is the best way :D

But really - are there any reasons this would happen that I am unaware of?! Does anyone have a similar story to this one?


  1. have absolutely never heard of anything like this... i don't use agar agar that often though because i can never get things to gel right.

  2. I've never had vegan margarine explode in my microwave. I think you might be the victim of some baking terrorism!

  3. Well thanks for at least letting me know that it was just some sort of freak occurrence! haha, I still don't really understand but am definitely afraid of the microwave now :|


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