Saturday, May 1, 2010

Vegetarian Delight

Muffin and I went to Vegetarian Delight for dinner.

welcome says little buddha man!

everyone loves a good napkin lotus flower.

crispy fried dumplings - means deep fried. not too good, just full of mock chicken and quite bland. hot and sour sauce however - win!

Hot and sour soup. Muffin's ultimate favourite. I loved it and put it in my top 3 h+ss experiences at least! Muffin felt otherwise but still enjoyed it. He has high standards :D

Bbq pork. Weird. Apparently this tastes nothing like bbq pork at all. It was ultra sweet but kinda fell apart in your mouth which was pleasant. A little too much in one serve though.

Asian greens. Who doesn't love them? Bring out the best in every meal! Although I did forget that it's a buddhist restaurant and is thus served with ginger and not garlic. Garlic trumps ginger in my opinion. Still, fresh and delish.

We also had salt and pepper tofu which i forgot to photograph. Gasp! It was pretty nice, not the best I've ever had. Very salty and yet not a spot of pepper.... strange.

All in all, I like the place and am willing to give it another go. Maybe we didn't choose the greatest things on the menu? Maybe I just don't want to give up on a vegetarian chinese restaurant... we'll never know...

Vegetarian Delight
462 Port Rd
West Hindmarsh
(08) 8340 8488

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