Friday, May 21, 2010

Oh delicious roast goodies.

It has been a chilly week. And that only calls for one thing. Roast! 
I bought some Fry's Vegetarian Golden Crumbed Schnitzels from Foodland, even though they were about $7 for 4. I've never seen any Fry's stuff anywhere and figured I'd give it a go. Verdict = meh.

Too too chickeny for my liking. I found myself trying to eat it really quickly so as not to think about it too much. Not the best reaction! The best stuff is always measured by being the final thing left on my plate; the final bite. And this was definitely not the case with that schnitty.

My first roasty dinner had a Fry's schnitty topped with some home-made pesto, fresh tomato and aged cheddar - parmigiana bug style! I roasted some potatoes, pumpkin, carrot and onion in some italian herbs, wilted some baby spinach and made that creamy mushroom and leek thing that mum always makes! I added some zucchini and peas to this too. The downfall to this meal was probably the Schnitty! Hilarious - because it was meant to be the best part.

The next roasty dinner was even more simple. I had some of the leek thing left over so I added more mushroom and zucchini and some mustard and made it a creamy, mustardy vegie thing and it was quite nice :D I roasted some pumpkin with salt, pepper and olive oil, and steamed some peas, carrot and broccoli. We ate it with some roti.
Muffin had his meal with a Fry's schnitty parmigiana and he was mighty keen. That's highly likely because he likes chicken and EATS chicken and I neither! He can eat the other two as well :D

The best part of this meal was the pumpkin. MAN I love pumpkin. The taste of simple roasted pumpkin is just deliciously sweet and amazing. YUM. Muffin doesn't like pumpkin - so even more for meeeeeee.

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