Thursday, April 15, 2010

Curry and Roast Vegies (just not together..)

My family has always been slightly obsessed with Indian food. The first place my mumma and Fabio lived together was in an entirely Indian area of Leicester. Hence, they picked up some handy dandy tips and recipes and are pretty dang good at cooking it. Our family has funny little get togethers with themes, one of the greatest ones in Curry Night, where everyone turns up with a curry and we all feast til we burst!

For lunch I had some paneer and vegetable curry made by my daddy-o. It wasn't too spicy, yet still delicious. I added some mind-blasting home-made chilli pickle to it (which i am obsessed with. I'll post this recipe soon). Pickles and chutneys are pretty much what make Indian food so divine and different than other cuisines. Lime pickle, brinjal pickle, mango chutney. Mmmmm. I ate it with a samosa, roti and raita too :D Just greek yoghurt, cucumber and mint!

For dinner I wanted to try to make home made chunky chips! I'm a bigger fan of chunky chips than piddly skinny fries. This meal ended up being one giant vegan roast delight. Sometimes I think I over complicate my cooking, so I just wanted a big plate of roast vegies.

For the spuddies:
Peel and cut taters into chunky chip size. Pat dry. Lay on baking tray with olive oil, chopped rosemary, lemon juice and s+p. Roast at 200 for about an hour, flipping every 20 minutes ish. Serve with Mc Special sauce chip dip.
Roasted same time as the chips, coated in olive oil and harissa. Bake 20 minutes.
4 mushrooms, 1 leek, ½ zucchini, 6 cloves roasted garlic*, sliced and slowly fried soft with 1 Tablespoon vegan butter. Add 1 Tablespoon flour 
and ½ cup vegie stock. Slowly simmer until thickened. Add splashes of soy milk towards the end for extra creaminess. Season with salt and pepper. Serve with friedseeds and nuts!
Steam, yo!
Vegan Mushroom Gravy:
Finely slice 2 mushrooms and 4 cloves roasted garlic*, fry in 1 Tablespoon vegan butter. Add 1 Tablespoon flour and ½ cup vegie stock (I used a “beef” flavoured one). Heat until thickened (I cheated and added a tiny touch of gravy powder at the end for ultimate thick goodness). DIP EVERYTHING IN THIS AND ENJOY.

*This may seem like an extortionate amount of garlic, but when you roast the entire bulb for 20 minutes in gets all oozy and sweet and you can just squeeze it and the individual cloves just pop out! They’re not overpowering, they just add a nice base to sauces. Highly satisfactory garlic popping!

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