Wednesday, April 7, 2010

happy bug food day.

love a good food day, infact a bad food day can really ruin my day! So today was both happy and delicious! It's funny when you're expecting a good lunch, so you skip breakfast.. probably not the best for your body, but MAAAAAAN are you ready to eat when you finally get to the restaurant!

I had lunch at Dumpling King with my Muffin and my sister. I freaking love dumplings. And thus, also hold a special place in my heart for Dumpling King. It's so cheap and freaking delicious. I've never had a meal there than I don't like! The vegetarian options are limited, but when it's this tasty - I don't really even mind.

Note: I did find out the bad way that the little pots on the tables of what look like chilli oil are indeed some little fishy smelly pickley thing :( sad times. (my friend and I usually secretly take in a bottle of sesame oil for ours hahaha)

Together we had vegetarian dumplings, asian greens in garlic sauce, vegetables with noodles in soy sauce and Muffin had a hot and sour soup (he is obsessed).

DELISH. This all came to less than $40. Freaking bargain. Of course I had to finish it all, it would be a waste otherwise ;)

Then when we got home we watched a really awesome documentary called Food Matters. It made me crave raw delicious, unaltered food, and so dinner was an absolutely massive salad with home-made dressing and lots of roasted nuts and seeds. . . dessert was 2 oreo's. WHAT WHAT.

Dumpling King
5/85 Grote st
Adelaide, 5000
(08) 8212 1886

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