Monday, July 12, 2010

Food to cure this dang sickness.

So i've been sick for about a lifetime and Muffin is now sick too. Blergh. Tonight we needed yummy, healthy goodness. I woke up this morning and thought one thing: Hummus! Yum yum yum, there really isn't anything like home-made hummus. Just fresh and delicious.

For dinner we had falafels, pasta salad, garden salad, tortilla's, hummus and beetroot dip! awww yeahhhh.

It was my brosef's birthday this week so we had a waffle brekky for him. I am a waffle lover. So much so that one Christmas I received THREE waffle irons! One of them broke, so now i'm down to two. The penguin one is hilarious and I like to put icecream in his belly, but the normal one is better because you can choose the toastiness setting. I like that. We ate them with berries, cinnamon apples, jam, passionfruit, ice cream and maple syrup!


Hilarious story, when I took the penguin waffle maker out of the cupboard and opened it up it had waffles in it! Someone somewhere along the line has put it away with waffles still in it and over time they didn't even mould! They just flattened and shrunk! Hilarious. See?

For dinner we went to my mumma's for a big roast delight. About a million things to eat and then finished off with trifle. Mmm trifle.

by the by, Marion getting kicked off Masterchef?! Oh hellllll noooo. If Adam doesn't win this then the whole thing is a sham.


  1. Im sick at the moment too :( and I never get sick! Dr recons its the flu, but I doubt it.
    That is pretty funny about the waffles being left in the waffle maker :D I wish I had a waffle maker, but maybe I would eat too many
    The roast dinner and trifle looks sooo goood!


  2. I think the reason I got sick is that I thought to myself "wow, i've been healthy for a really long time...."

    I thought i would eat too many waffles, but i have TWO and i don't! Many loves.

  3. thanks so much for following my blog! Your blog is so cute, can't wait to have a good look around :)


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