Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Oh hai there!
I have been on a hiatus! it hasn't been the most exciting of food times. Although one exciting this is that Muffin has cooked for me.... twice! Tonight was a plate of delicious vegies. Bok choy, string beans, mashed potato, spinach, peas, garlic mushrooms and gravy! I don't enjoy cooking with him because he is too fast and furious and it frightens me (i'm a delicate soul) - so I just stood back. And made the gravy. (to be honest i forgot about the gravy and he rescued it. hahaha)

One thing I did make this week was hummus. But I wanted to add in a roasted eggplant to make it somewhat like baba ganoush... so i named it Hummaganoush - partly so people would know it wasn't just plain hummus but mostly because i'm awesome like that.

One meal that went from almost-disaster to extreme surprising success was eggplant parmigiana. I didn't want to use an egg to make my breadcrumbs stick and then all hell broke loose when my breadcrumbs didn't stick. hahaha. I saved the meal (no idea how) and it was delicious! I LOVE EGGPLANT. Recipe coming soooon when i'm not on borrowed laptop time!

Also. This is my cat. HOW CUTE!

peace out brussel sprouts!

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