Thursday, July 8, 2010


Winter is here. The heater is on. I have the flu and I love pie. I am yet to master an amazing pie and so I settle (and by settle, i don't mean settle at all) for a home-made pie from Swedish Tarts. This place is such a little gem. So cute and the cakes all look delicious. Their pancakes are pretty effing amazing too.You can even buy a bowl of latte or hot chocolate. REALLY. It arrives in a big bowl and you sit all cosy and slurp it up. The pies go for $5 each but are a hearty meal, and definitely worth it. The bonus is that you can buy them cold or get them to heat it up for you. So i buy them cold and throw them in a 180C oven for half an hour and they are crisp, moist and amaaaaazzziiinnngggg. 

So far I have eaten the mushroom and leeklentil and sweet potato and pumpkin and feta. 

My sister favours the mushroom and leek one, I think thats because it tastes like the mushroom and leek thing mum has always cooked. But I am a lover of the lentil and sweet potato. It has a slight curry taste and is so yummy and rich and hearty and just plain good. I imagine the pastry is extremely unhealthy for you because the smell of butter wofts through the house when I am heating them up. 

Anywho. Amazing. Best pies i've ever eaten. 

pumpkin and feta
ohh steamy
leek and mushroom + lentil and sweet potato
hearty and YUM.
lentil and sweet potato - a very cute 'V'

Swedish Tarts
40 Semaphore Rd

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  1. mmm I would love to try the sweet potato one, wonder if theyre vegan? Ive never heard of that place before but the pies look awesome.


  2. I'm not sure if they are vegan, i doubt it but i will definitely ask!
    It's a pretty new cafe but so cute and full of delicious food. You should check it out :D

  3. Yum Yum Yum Yum Yuuuuuummmm!! :) I had a leek and mushroom one yesterday with a salad... Heaven! But then needed a nap and had to go back to work... Devastating! Aaaaannnd, I bought two and Nathan ate the other one. It's love when you give up your favourite vegi pie to a meat eater!!

  4. WELL I HAD A FLATBREAD TODAY WITH HAYLEY! I dabbled with the idea of getting a leek and mushroom pie but I held back! They're so deeeelish! :D


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